Software Testing, Compliance & Assurance

For every industry possible we understand that it is imperative to comply with that industry’s rules and regulations set by the industry itself or by the legislature. Our track record in different industries and their affiliates has equipped us with the experience that your organization needs to rely on our expertise to provide you the best finished and well-tested product which complies with your industry norms.


Software Assurance

SFGuru helps you with a team of quality engineers as an alternative to quality assurance. The main function of the Salesforce testing team includes quality assurance services such as functional testing, manual testing, automated testing, load testing, implementation testing, and security testing.

Our goal is not to find errors, but to make the product superior. We contribute to the improvement of product quality and, help you in the growth of your business.


Software Assurance
Software Testing

Testing Service

SFGuru helps you in Salesforce testing with a certified testing team working on the application and gains an understanding of its functionality to create a functions map. Then we use a function map to create and execute the test cases.

Our important testing types include:

Load testing

Security testing

 CRM ad-hoc testing


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